Consulting for All Things Search Engine Marketing

Whether you have just a few simple questions, or need to outsource your entire search marketing program, Beyond Ink can customize a consulting plan to fit your business and your budget.

With a dozen years in search engine optimization and nearly as many in PPC, our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants are prepared to help your team improve search engine rankings, avoid costly mistakes, and get the best returns from your paid search marketing campaigns.

Often a consulting engagement is the most efficient way to get Beyond Ink expertise working for you; we can cover a lot of ground in less time than you might think, tailored to your specific search issues.

SEO & PPC consulting plans:

Consulting by the hour or day

Site or campaign underperforming? A short-term consulting engagement may be the right help at just the right time. Hiring Beyond Ink for a block of hours is a great way to get some answers, spot check for problems, review plans or track progress.

Project-based consulting

Starting up or starting over? Beyond Ink expertise can help your project get off the ground search-wise. We’ll work closely with your team in the beginning or for the duration of your project to provide the support you need to get on the right track and stay there.

Monthly retainer

Want an expert search marketing partner on call? A monthly retainer puts Beyond Ink in your corner, ready to lend a guiding hand or to carry the load depending on your need. Your retainer also keeps us close to the action; able to spot many problems before they happen, and positioned to act quickly when problems do occur, algorithms change, or new opportunities pop up.

On-site SEO consulting & Training workshops

Sometimes there’s no substitute for on-site consulting. A few hours working side-by-side with your team can dramatically increase the exchange of information and speed up improvements that might otherwise take weeks or even months between conference calls, emails, and schedule conflicts. Perfect for project-based consulting and team training, wherever you need Beyond Ink, we can be there in person for as long as it takes.

Contact Beyond Ink and ask about Expert SEO Consulting.